This class is for new MLS subscribers.  If you need to complete the continuing education requirement for MLS compliance, see the MLS Refresh course below. 

To ensure the integrity of listing information and to protect the cooperative nature of the MLS, Rules and Regulations are in place for how to enter listings and use MLS information. This class will walk you through the rules, to ensure the best possible MLS experience for all subscribers.  We’ll learn about:

       An overview of the MLS and Framework for Rules and Regulations

       Where to Find Rules and Regulations

       Rules Pertaining to Listings and Required Disclosures

       Compensation and Cooperation Rules

       Listing Photos, Virtual Tours, and Listing Remarks

       Status Change Requirements

       Where MLS Data Goes

       Top Violations

This class walks you through the process of entering listings into the MLS. Topics include:

·         Types of listings.

·         Required paperwork for entering a listing.

·         Key fields on the listing entry from.

·         Adding photos and attachments.

·         Listing remarks.

·         Sending listings to various portals and websites.

·         Making changes to a listing.